A turnstone and shell on the beach

UK Winter Wildlife- The Turnstone

Following the migration of many of our British summer birds, the team at Surfability have been turning our eye to those remaining on our beach for winter.

As the violent winter storms continue to draw in, the sight of seaweed lined beaches is on the rise. While this may not be a cause for celebration for everyone, the arrival of the slimy sea stuff does promise an appearance from a lovely local bird- the Turnstone.

A turnstone and shell on the beach

Bright eyed and nimble, Turnstones have a powerful beak and neck perfect for turning stones, shells and seaweed alike. Identifiable by their brown, black and white feather and bright orange legs, Turnstones can be spotted along the shoreline as they unearth a buffet of insects, crustaceans and molluscs.

Distinguished by their darker coloured feathers in winter, these inquisitive and busy little birds display bright feathers and red legs in their mating season. As monogamous mates, these sociable birds take turns to sit on their olive colour eggs.

But if you’re thinking that Turnstones are all about cooperatioA turnstone guarding it's dinnern and love, you might be surprised to learn that Turnstones generally don’t like to share! In fact, Turnstones have been known to chase other birds for up to 160km to save their dinner and roost!

If you’d like to see a Turnstone for yourself, it’s time to schedule that trip to the beach. And why not book yourself a surf while you’re at it? The team at Surfability are here to make sure there’s a wave for everyone…

Ben standing with the 4 trainee instructors infront of the Surfability centre

ISA Adaptive Instructor Couse Review

“Overall this was a great course that showed me a side of surfing that I had not considered before. I would absolutely recommend this course to any surf instructors, as the lessons learned can be applied to more than just adaptive surfing.” – James

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Seeking Saltwater – the Elephant Seal

Whether you’re a binocular carrying nature buff, or you spot nature’s treats in mindful moments outback, surf trips are always a great way to experience local wildlife. This was certainly the case for the team here at Surfability during their trip to the ISA Adaptive World Championships in December.

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Surfability Seal Rescue

A few weeks ago, whilst working in the Canthed Centre at Caswell, Ben found a seal pup on the beach. It was amazingly well camouflaged in the stones, with most people walking on the beach completely unaware it was even there.

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Awesome Photography by Celf Calon

Thanks to Betsan from Celf Calon photography, we are spoilt for choice when choosing gorgeous photos to use on our website and social media channels. You’ll also find Betsan’s beautiful photos all over the walls of our new centre at Caswell.

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2020 English Adaptive Surfing Open

The 2020 English Adaptive Surfing Open took place on October 3rd at The Wave, Bristol. We were stoked to have four athletes representing Wales: Ethan Jolosa, Katie Richards, Llywelyn Sponge Williams, and Isaac Heaher. We headed up to support them, as well as run the water safety for the event.

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Penguin Recruitment Charity Quiz

The team here at Surfability UK CIC are delighted to announce the return of the annual Penguin Recruitment Charity Quiz. After the huge success of last years quiz which raised funds for rehabilitation and surf therapy for people with acquired brain injuries, this year’s event promises to be even bigger and better!  Set to be hosted in a tent in the Mumbles very own Castle Fields, the evening assures an animated atmosphere with a quiz lively enough to test even your biggest trivia buff.

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The Sea in Spring

With beautiful spring blooms, tree boughs bursting with blossom and baby lambs bouncing all around us, the joys of spring have well and truly arrived on land.

Meanwhile though, let’s not forget that a spring time flurry is also unfolding under the sea.

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Caswell Disability Changing Place

Caswell Bay is not only the proud home of Surfability UK CIC, the UK’s first fully inclusive and adaptive surf school, it is soon to be the first Gower beach to have a disability changing place. And the team here at Surfability UK CIC HQ could not be more delighted about this news.

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Swansea Sports Awards 2018

The team here at Surfability UK CIC have no doubt in our minds about what an epic year 2018 was for Surfability, our coaches and our participants. From personal victories in the water to growth in confidence and fitness, the successes of 2018 have been numerous.

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