The Sea in Spring

With beautiful spring blooms, tree boughs bursting with blossom and baby lambs bouncing all around us, the joys of spring have well and truly arrived on land.

Meanwhile though, let’s not forget that a spring time flurry is also unfolding under the sea.

In the USA, armies of pincer holding lobsters are preparing to make their journey to California where they will lay their eggs in the summer months.

Baleen whales are embarking on their journey to the Artic and Antarctic where they will gather to binge feed on plankton in the summer months.

And here in the U.K., in April and May, young Scottish salmon called smolts, make their way from the rivers of Scotland towards the open sea.

So while we are enjoying our Easter holiday surfs and stoke, let’s take a moment to appreciate the miracle of spring, both above and under the sea!

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