Seeking Saltwater

The significance the ocean holds for each of us is deeply individual. With the intensity of its textures, sights and sounds, standing at the waters’ edge is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Little girl and her father walking towards the sea with surf board

But here at Surfability UK, we’re interested in so much more than power of the crashing waves. The splendor of the sea extends far beyond and beneath it’s frothy top. In a new weekly segment, we aim to explore and share the wonders of the world of the ocean.

You may be interested to know, that on the earths’ surface there’s approximately 333 million cubic miles of water, of which 97.5% is estimated to be salt water. That’s a lot of salt! There are currently 20,000 known species of fish and up to 1.98 million known species of animals and plants living in those vast expanses of saltwater.

While we don’t expect to be able to discuss them all, we are looking forward to having a good crack at it!

If you have any images of the sea, adventures at the aquarium or snaps from scuba diving, that you’d like to see on the segment we’d love you to spam us with them! The email is As always, don’t forget to include the title of your photo, your name if you’d like it published and permission for your image to appear in the blog!

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